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Thursday, March 24, 2005

First entry? Circular Hooded Cape

How Does one start a blog? I guess i'll start by posting a favorite knitting design of mine. Yes, It's The Circle Turtle Cape! Love the name.

First I'd like to state a frustration, I had this all written out and used the "back" button on my damn browser. Dumb. Lost it all. So now I'm re-writing. I just eat my almandine croissant and write.

Current WIP(s):
Cape Mod From S&B #1. I'm using Bright Pink Rowan Big Wool instead of black (black shows cat furs) and The techno hair is orange/bright pink and Plum pink. Went to the LYS and had a PINK fit. Why? You may ask? Because my daughter (the light of my life 5yrs.) Adores pink. I think that it has finally rubbed off on me. Pink and sparkles everywhere.

Rennaissance Sweater (my own design. I'll post pix as soon as I get my CAMERA!!!!) I'm tearing my hair out getting it right, but will be well woth it when done. Can one spin one's own hair? (Hey! any way to get yarn . . . )

Mohair Boucle Poncho - you know the rectangle kind.

And many many other waiting patiently for their turn . . .

Now as for that Capelet. This is one terrific item ladies and gents. It is basically a big ever expanding circle with a looooong turtleneck so you can turtle your head in it on chilly days. When you get too warm, you might, Fold the turtle in thirds, kinda like an accordion, so the world can see your fab trim.

Hmm I'm tired. I'll finish writing it out in the AM