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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Why is it that puppies and birds (parrots in this case) find wooden knitting needles delicious? There is no nutritional value, they can't even taste all that great.

Case in point, my puppy seems to have chewed a precious addi natura knitting needle tip to the point (ha ha) of unusability. i love addi naturas. They are truly the nicest bamboo needles on the market. They have a lovely smooth finish, and nice, even joins. This puppy, whom I adore, even though he nibbled the point right OFF the needle, to the extent of chewing through a stitch.

Monday, April 25, 2005

A Hex

Okay, somebody put a hex on me. I now have STREP THROAT! My hubby came down with it last week and soon after my throat felt itchy! I thought: Oh Great. Now I get to take antibiotics. I hate taking antibiotics.

I started knitting a dress for Saskia. It's made of Simply Soft, by Caron. I normally don't use acrylics often but the simply soft really feels pretty good!
*Note for knitters wid kids:
Kids get stuff all over their clothing. Use superwash or acrylic. They dont mind the acrylic AND IT CAN BE WASHED!!

She chose a soft pink yarn and butter yellow yarn for her dress. On the first row, you knit them together and the optical mix is astounding. I will get photes up ASAP.

I also started "Cleaves" Which is on the knitty site. I love that pattern!
The Spring Knitty is really fabulous! I cant wait to make the monkey bag, and eveything else that just went up!

I also bought the book Loop-d-Loop by Teva Durham/ I was VERY impressed. I had read some reviews that said the book was so- so, but it is fantastic. I love every design in it, and her design sensibility is so similar to mine i gasped several times while looking through it. All I can say is WOW! No, the designs are not "mainstream" thank God, I can make a cardigan sans pattern - thanks. i'm not bragging, I'm just a very decent knitter. So all this is another reason i love the book. Her designs are very midieval and Rennaissance and that where my sensibilities lie. My first impulse was to run to show her my design sketches! Thanks Teva - I will be in touch with you through e-mail!

Now if anyone can remove that damned Hex!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Here's another photo of "Blue" for those of you who cannot get enuff pix of dogs.
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This one also caught my eye (No,actually, it not only "caught my eye" but I adore this tunic and I am going to make it in magenta "Provence" by CE)
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This hoodie appears to be knit from Trendsetter "taos" and not from "Spiral" as the pattern in VK states. In any case the "taos" would be a terrific substitute.
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Good Grief!

Gee, yesterdays post seems so depressing. Well, my excuse is that I really felt bad. I felt so bad I didn't see any need to buy more yarn, let alone knit! Now thats' bad! Happily, today, my meds have been straightened out and I am feeling more myself! YAY! I want to buy yarn again ~ a return to health, life and vigor!

I got 3 wonderful pattern books in the mail:
1) The Pleasures of Knitting by Anne McCauley
2) The Ultimate Knitted Tee by Laura Bryant and Barry Klein
3) Handknit Style by Beryl Hiatt and Linden Ward

These 3 books are all really great. A lot of the yarns in them are extraordinarily expensive, but I believe they can be fairly easily substituted. The ones in The Ultimate Knitted Tee (yarns by Prism and Trendsetter) could easily be substituted by using Crystal Palace Yarns instead(while making a consistently high quality product CPY are also fairly affordable).

I also discovered that the Trendsetter "Spiral" hooded top in the spring VK which is causing such a buzz actually seems to be knit from Trendsetter Taos. It has the same stitch guage (gwage?)gauge as Spiral but has the variations in the yarn that appear in the main photo of the item. If this is true, then this is terrific news since "Spiral" is being discontinued. IN ANY CASE I'm sure that the "Taos" would be a reasonable alternative.

So now I need to become a hindu goddess with 8 arms so I can knit more than one item at a time!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Well, You Know,

I haven't done much of anything. I do have a photo in my camera of the Circle Turtle Capelet, but as I said before, I haven't felt like doing much of anything, so I haven't posted it yet.

There was some damned mixup at the pharmacy and I haven't got my pain meds. I may have to wait till Weds. to get them. Subsequently I am in excruciating pain and depressed. Therefore - the feeling of not wanting to do anything. I also think my daughter was experimenting with soap on my toothbrush. Now thats not a good flavor! Did I say a bad word? I remember me mum washing my mouth with soap once . . .

I don't even feel like knitting. This gives me a clue as to how yucky I feel because I always feel like knitting. Knitting is my balm. All I can think of now is how much it will hurt my fingers and arms to make stitches. Yes, I did say my fingers. It even hurts them to type, but I'm doing it anyway. For the great cause of Blogs everywhere! Write even if your fingers hurt!

For those doctors out there who think fibromyalgia is a psychosomatic thing, I can only hope that one day you will experience this pain. No, I am really not trying to be mean, but i say a doctor without compassion is a machine.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Okay, Now I Know I REALLY Have a Problem

Well, I got a lovely yarn package in the mail yesterday. Beautiful Blue Alpaca and Silk from Knit Picks Yarn. Lovely, soft, a wonderful shade of pale blue.

Whats the problem? You may be asking. Why is she in a quandary?

The problem is that there are exactly 13 balls - obviously carefully calculated for a project. I just have no idea which one!!!!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

I think I might be obsessed . . .

You know, I think I'm obsessed. With knitting and yarn, that is. While YOU may think that this is a foregone conclusion, it is finally sinking into my brain. I get excited and want to do a happy dance when I find a NEW YARN SHOP on the web. When my hubby has business travel, I immediately look up that city and find out if there are any yarn shops in the area. I go to Michaels and Hobby Lobby and joAnns frequently to see what new yarns they carry. AND if those yarns are of "Good Quality" (I don't go to the LYS here often, which is very good, because it's dangerous. A trip there is about 200$$. They should just ask for 200 bucks when you walk in the door and then you can relax while you look at yarn and not worry about all the money you are spending)

I spend a good portion of my online time (which I limit because That is time that I can't spend knitting - what a quandary)looking at and fantasizing about new yarns. I love knitting magazines, all of them - even the "cheesy" ones. (BTW the new vogue knitting is great. If you haven't seen it yet almost all the patterns are terrific. The first I am going to make is the turquoise lace tunic. My Best Friend thinks I am nuts because "it's a lot of work" but knitting lace for me is MUCH nicer that knitting miles of stockinette. I also learn repeats very quickly. All in all the magazine is a winner. Great tops, a bunch of adorable camis, tunics and etc. the only thing I don't get is the beehive hairdos on some of the models. Whats up with that anyway?)

My Stash follows me around the house. It is a large (major understatement)stash, and Tends to like to be in the same room where I spend most of my time. THEREFORE there is a HUGE amount of yarn in the living room - it's all walked out of the "stash room" aka my closet, and crept into the living room. This is driving hubby up the wall, and my puppy thinks a ball of yarn is just the right size for a nice, soft chew toy. He - hubby not the puppy - is bucking for sainthood however, in that he is putting up shelves in the living room so the yarn can rest on them instead of the Floor, which they are currently occupying 90% of.

I think I am obsessed.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

AHA!!! Circle Turtle Cape Pattern!

Here Goes:

I get compliments and commissions for this thing all the time. It's wonderful. It's cozy and it's cute. It's fuzzy and it's warm. You can snuggle it when you're feeling blue, and it's almost guaranteed to give some comfort. It has sparkles- if you wish to add them, and you can stripe it, or mosaic it, or fairisle it - do what you wish to make it as wonderful for you (or the lucky recipient) as you can! I have included tons of options for you too! Have fun. This doesn't take too long to knit, but you WILL have a lot of stitches on your needle as you go along due to all the increases.

One size fits all! Really!

You will need:
8-12 balls (depending on how long you want this to be) of Patons Allure (47 yards per ball on 10.5 needles gives a gauge of 9 sts.per inch, 100% nylon = SOFT)or similar gauge yarn (8 balls give a short capelet - not quite to elbows, 12 gives a more poncho lenghth, almost at the wrist.)

Other yarn suggestions: (lotsa options here!)
(keep in mind that anything with rayon will make the cape heavier, other yarns with a smaller gauge will require more yarn)
Chinchilla Bulky
Colinette Isis, mohair, shimmer 5, giotto ( a lighter ribbon, knit with a large needle makes an open airy cape) tagliatelli or Fandango
Point 5
Tahki Baby
K1C2 Tartelette
Berroco Zen
Berroco Lavish, Quest
Patons Bohemian
Patons Carmen Doubled
Sirdar WOW!
Any Worsted or Aran weight mixed with Gedifra Tecnohair EOR (every other row)or other furry yarn like patons Carmen
Lion Brand Homespun
2 strands knit together of Moda Dea Dream
Moda Dea Aerie, Chi Chi, or Burst or any combo of these
Artful yarns Circus
Berroco Softy or Medley
Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky with a mixer
Classic Elite Paintbox
Patons Divine
Adriafil Cocktail
Plymouth Elegante
Plymouth Encore Chunky
Plymouth Flamenco
Reynolds Andean Alpaca Regal YUM!!!!!
S.R. Kertzer Molash
Sirdar Snowflake Chunky
Tahki Bunny & Bunny Print
Lion Chenille or Boucle
Valley Yarns Lenox (mohair Boucle on sale at WEBS)
Valley Yarns Fantasia (the SOFTEST mohair I have knit with- and I have knit with a lot of mohairs)
Plymouth Dragon (a closeout at Webs)
Dig through your stash and find a great array of oddballs and bits. The carry along yarn will help "marry" them so they don't become disharmonious.

Check the Webs closeouts or whatever they've gotten in at elann that is wonderful . Maybe you could Pick something you wouldn't usually use, but would love to try.

4 Balls of Bernat Boa or 3 balls of Crystal Palace Yarns Splash
(Boa is nice and easy to come by, the Splash is VERY similar but perhaps a bit softer. Price per yard is about the same.) Muench Touch Me doubled or Plymouth Sinsation would also be spectacular but much more costly.

2-4 balls of A Glitzy Carry along yarn depending on yardage. Get as much as you can) I used 2 Berroco Mirror FX, (Later I will post tips on making your own version of this EXPENSIVE stuff 30$$ for 2 balls!!!!!) but any carry along will work wonderfully as long as it will stick out from your Boa or Splash Trim. I knit this EOR, so as to cut down a bit on the monumental cost. One ball is only 70 yards.

Size 10.5 Knitting needles, circular or size apropos to your yarn

Stitch Markers
For Button down version:
8-12 BIG (1 1/2 inch or more)**Glamorous*** Buttons****

( Notice I haven't given you a gauge. It's not terribly important. Try for about 3 - 3.5 st. to 1 inch)

*NOTE* Work circularly for pullover or flat for buttondown versions.
(If making a buttondown, make buttonholes on left side on RS of work as it faces you.

You may want to make only the turtle hood buttondown and work the rest circularly. Just follow the instructions for buttondown version until the increases begin and then join in the round.

*To work buttonhole:
On RS row make a YO, and then on reverse side knit as knit st, rather than through the back loop,as you might usually do. Then P2 tog. to make up for the extra st. you made with the YO. This makes a nice, big, fat, buttonhole for your glamourous buttons to go through.)

*Note 2* Buttondown version differences will be marked by a *

With MC Cast on 60 sts.
Cut Mc and
Join CC(s) (Use 2 strands of Boa or splash and 1 strand of your carry along. This will give you a nice, full, furry trim.)
Work in K2P2 Rib for 3 inches.

**Work in K2P2 Rib for 1 inch, then make first buttonhole.**

** Make buttonhole every 4 inches.**

After 3 inches of Contrast Fuzzies:
Change back to MC and continue in K2P2 rib for 16 (thats right - no typo) 16 inches. You want this neck to turtle up over your head like a soft fuzzy hood. IF YOU DON'T WANT A HOOD, simply K2P2 in CC(s) for 1 inch, Or more for a collar, and then begin increases.

First increase row:
*K1, M1, K1, P2* till you reach the end.
Work in K3, P2 rib for 4 rows.

Second increase row:
*K2, M1, K1, P2* Continue to end.
Work in K4,P2 rib for 4 rows

Third increase row:
*K2, M1, K2, P2* Continue to end.
Work in K5, P2 rib for 4 rows.

Continue increasing one stitch in knit portions of ribbing until cape is 3-4 inches shorter than you would like.

Cut MC and add CC(s). Knit for 4 inches

bind off thusly:
K2 pass 2nd k st over,(BO)
K1, M1, Bind off made st.
M1 stitch every 3 or 4 sts. and bind off as usual. This extra made stitch makes the bind off less tight, without going up a needle size which never seems to work for me anyway.

I hope you enjoy this pattern and I would LOVE to see photos if and when you complete this. I will duly post them.

Monday, April 04, 2005


Look carefully at the picture above. You are going to take a quiz on this picture. Get a pen and to the multiple choice question. Write down your answer,i.e. A,B,C, etc. Tommorrow I will post the answers and you can see how well you did.

First let me give you some background on this photo so yo can do well on your quiz.

This apparent mammal is very bouncy and loves chewing and playing. After a few hours of said activity he will turn into a little black rag on the floor. This mammal smells rather like a baby dog. his breath smells like a baby dog, he eats, drinks, sleeps, plays, chews, with the GUSTO! of a baby dog.

He is also so cute and soft you could just die.

Now For the quiz;

A. An octopus
B. I don't have any idea. I have never encountered one of these mammls before.
C. Definitely stuffed.
D. A puppy.

Stay tuned tommorow for the answer!

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Knit tip #1

*KNIT TIP* To soften that scratchy Yarn:
go to the shampoo/conditioner aisle in the grocery store or pharmacy and get a super intensive conditioner. AFTER washing the scratchy stuff add loads of this conditioner and let sit A LONG TIME. Then only PARTIALLY rinse out. This softens the stuff quite a bit. You really do have to use the most intensive conditioner possible too. Think about it this way, if your hair felt like that you'd probably leave the condish on permanently.

Second try

Okay, second try at this entry. Blogger seems to have zotzed the first try.

Hope you all like the pic of Saskia. She's the light of my life. She gets lots of knitted items. Love her, Love knitting. Good combo-no?

Now, I wonder why Berroco Thought it would be a good idea to make up the model who is wearing Destiny (the capelet shown below) to look like a heroin addict. I notice a lot of the models on runways look that way too. There is an easier way to acheive that look. What is it? No, not hours of makeup and terrible diets. It's . . . taking heroin every day! Oy! Well I have noticed that look comes and goes. i can only hope this time it goes quickly.

I HAD made fairly excellent progress on the tunic, but ripped it back because the planned fagotting was biasing way to much. Well, it's full and wont show too much anyhow. I do like the Zen yarn. I had a thing about it a few years back when the 1000000 ribbon yarns hit the market. I didn't even want to think about them then. I do love the colors in this one. A fabulous array of pinks! My daughter loves it so much she wants me to knit her a skirt in gold Zen, with "holes" (lace to you) in , no not pink but GOLD. Her new thing is gold. Thank goodness her skin tone is peachy and she looks well in it. Me - I look like death warmed over in gold.

Not as much progress on the destiny cape. I do love the yarn. It's Lullaby by Berroco, and it's a microfiber- soft, soft soft.

i'll publish that cape pattern this afternoon if I get over my migraine. Why do I get migraines with my ahem female things? URG>

Sunday, April 03, 2005

my glorious saskia
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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Spring Colds and FO's

Well, I haven't written much (at all ) lately but I've felt A-number 1 yucko. Spring colds are the worst. I know, I know, I still need to post that capelet pattern, easy as pie, but my head hurts!

OTOH I've finished Cape Mod, I think I mentioned that mine is pink with plum tecnohair and orange and pink tecnohair.

Made GOOD progress on TO DYE FOR (Both from the S&B book 1)

and started 2 Berroco patterns
1) Sylvinia in Zen I'm using a pink, gold, coral and hot pink variegated for this one, instead of the melon color it's photographed in. I think I'll also add faggoting up the fronts and down the sleeves and ribbing at the waist along with the tie to give the waist more definition.
2) Destiny in Lullaby and Sizzle Bright (pink of course)

definitely in pink!!!
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making in zen colors #8181
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