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Thursday, April 07, 2005

AHA!!! Circle Turtle Cape Pattern!

Here Goes:

I get compliments and commissions for this thing all the time. It's wonderful. It's cozy and it's cute. It's fuzzy and it's warm. You can snuggle it when you're feeling blue, and it's almost guaranteed to give some comfort. It has sparkles- if you wish to add them, and you can stripe it, or mosaic it, or fairisle it - do what you wish to make it as wonderful for you (or the lucky recipient) as you can! I have included tons of options for you too! Have fun. This doesn't take too long to knit, but you WILL have a lot of stitches on your needle as you go along due to all the increases.

One size fits all! Really!

You will need:
8-12 balls (depending on how long you want this to be) of Patons Allure (47 yards per ball on 10.5 needles gives a gauge of 9 sts.per inch, 100% nylon = SOFT)or similar gauge yarn (8 balls give a short capelet - not quite to elbows, 12 gives a more poncho lenghth, almost at the wrist.)

Other yarn suggestions: (lotsa options here!)
(keep in mind that anything with rayon will make the cape heavier, other yarns with a smaller gauge will require more yarn)
Chinchilla Bulky
Colinette Isis, mohair, shimmer 5, giotto ( a lighter ribbon, knit with a large needle makes an open airy cape) tagliatelli or Fandango
Point 5
Tahki Baby
K1C2 Tartelette
Berroco Zen
Berroco Lavish, Quest
Patons Bohemian
Patons Carmen Doubled
Sirdar WOW!
Any Worsted or Aran weight mixed with Gedifra Tecnohair EOR (every other row)or other furry yarn like patons Carmen
Lion Brand Homespun
2 strands knit together of Moda Dea Dream
Moda Dea Aerie, Chi Chi, or Burst or any combo of these
Artful yarns Circus
Berroco Softy or Medley
Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky with a mixer
Classic Elite Paintbox
Patons Divine
Adriafil Cocktail
Plymouth Elegante
Plymouth Encore Chunky
Plymouth Flamenco
Reynolds Andean Alpaca Regal YUM!!!!!
S.R. Kertzer Molash
Sirdar Snowflake Chunky
Tahki Bunny & Bunny Print
Lion Chenille or Boucle
Valley Yarns Lenox (mohair Boucle on sale at WEBS)
Valley Yarns Fantasia (the SOFTEST mohair I have knit with- and I have knit with a lot of mohairs)
Plymouth Dragon (a closeout at Webs)
Dig through your stash and find a great array of oddballs and bits. The carry along yarn will help "marry" them so they don't become disharmonious.

Check the Webs closeouts or whatever they've gotten in at elann that is wonderful . Maybe you could Pick something you wouldn't usually use, but would love to try.

4 Balls of Bernat Boa or 3 balls of Crystal Palace Yarns Splash
(Boa is nice and easy to come by, the Splash is VERY similar but perhaps a bit softer. Price per yard is about the same.) Muench Touch Me doubled or Plymouth Sinsation would also be spectacular but much more costly.

2-4 balls of A Glitzy Carry along yarn depending on yardage. Get as much as you can) I used 2 Berroco Mirror FX, (Later I will post tips on making your own version of this EXPENSIVE stuff 30$$ for 2 balls!!!!!) but any carry along will work wonderfully as long as it will stick out from your Boa or Splash Trim. I knit this EOR, so as to cut down a bit on the monumental cost. One ball is only 70 yards.

Size 10.5 Knitting needles, circular or size apropos to your yarn

Stitch Markers
For Button down version:
8-12 BIG (1 1/2 inch or more)**Glamorous*** Buttons****

( Notice I haven't given you a gauge. It's not terribly important. Try for about 3 - 3.5 st. to 1 inch)

*NOTE* Work circularly for pullover or flat for buttondown versions.
(If making a buttondown, make buttonholes on left side on RS of work as it faces you.

You may want to make only the turtle hood buttondown and work the rest circularly. Just follow the instructions for buttondown version until the increases begin and then join in the round.

*To work buttonhole:
On RS row make a YO, and then on reverse side knit as knit st, rather than through the back loop,as you might usually do. Then P2 tog. to make up for the extra st. you made with the YO. This makes a nice, big, fat, buttonhole for your glamourous buttons to go through.)

*Note 2* Buttondown version differences will be marked by a *

With MC Cast on 60 sts.
Cut Mc and
Join CC(s) (Use 2 strands of Boa or splash and 1 strand of your carry along. This will give you a nice, full, furry trim.)
Work in K2P2 Rib for 3 inches.

**Work in K2P2 Rib for 1 inch, then make first buttonhole.**

** Make buttonhole every 4 inches.**

After 3 inches of Contrast Fuzzies:
Change back to MC and continue in K2P2 rib for 16 (thats right - no typo) 16 inches. You want this neck to turtle up over your head like a soft fuzzy hood. IF YOU DON'T WANT A HOOD, simply K2P2 in CC(s) for 1 inch, Or more for a collar, and then begin increases.

First increase row:
*K1, M1, K1, P2* till you reach the end.
Work in K3, P2 rib for 4 rows.

Second increase row:
*K2, M1, K1, P2* Continue to end.
Work in K4,P2 rib for 4 rows

Third increase row:
*K2, M1, K2, P2* Continue to end.
Work in K5, P2 rib for 4 rows.

Continue increasing one stitch in knit portions of ribbing until cape is 3-4 inches shorter than you would like.

Cut MC and add CC(s). Knit for 4 inches

bind off thusly:
K2 pass 2nd k st over,(BO)
K1, M1, Bind off made st.
M1 stitch every 3 or 4 sts. and bind off as usual. This extra made stitch makes the bind off less tight, without going up a needle size which never seems to work for me anyway.

I hope you enjoy this pattern and I would LOVE to see photos if and when you complete this. I will duly post them.


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