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Monday, April 04, 2005


Look carefully at the picture above. You are going to take a quiz on this picture. Get a pen and to the multiple choice question. Write down your answer,i.e. A,B,C, etc. Tommorrow I will post the answers and you can see how well you did.

First let me give you some background on this photo so yo can do well on your quiz.

This apparent mammal is very bouncy and loves chewing and playing. After a few hours of said activity he will turn into a little black rag on the floor. This mammal smells rather like a baby dog. his breath smells like a baby dog, he eats, drinks, sleeps, plays, chews, with the GUSTO! of a baby dog.

He is also so cute and soft you could just die.

Now For the quiz;

A. An octopus
B. I don't have any idea. I have never encountered one of these mammls before.
C. Definitely stuffed.
D. A puppy.

Stay tuned tommorow for the answer!


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