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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Good Grief!

Gee, yesterdays post seems so depressing. Well, my excuse is that I really felt bad. I felt so bad I didn't see any need to buy more yarn, let alone knit! Now thats' bad! Happily, today, my meds have been straightened out and I am feeling more myself! YAY! I want to buy yarn again ~ a return to health, life and vigor!

I got 3 wonderful pattern books in the mail:
1) The Pleasures of Knitting by Anne McCauley
2) The Ultimate Knitted Tee by Laura Bryant and Barry Klein
3) Handknit Style by Beryl Hiatt and Linden Ward

These 3 books are all really great. A lot of the yarns in them are extraordinarily expensive, but I believe they can be fairly easily substituted. The ones in The Ultimate Knitted Tee (yarns by Prism and Trendsetter) could easily be substituted by using Crystal Palace Yarns instead(while making a consistently high quality product CPY are also fairly affordable).

I also discovered that the Trendsetter "Spiral" hooded top in the spring VK which is causing such a buzz actually seems to be knit from Trendsetter Taos. It has the same stitch guage (gwage?)gauge as Spiral but has the variations in the yarn that appear in the main photo of the item. If this is true, then this is terrific news since "Spiral" is being discontinued. IN ANY CASE I'm sure that the "Taos" would be a reasonable alternative.

So now I need to become a hindu goddess with 8 arms so I can knit more than one item at a time!


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