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Monday, April 25, 2005

A Hex

Okay, somebody put a hex on me. I now have STREP THROAT! My hubby came down with it last week and soon after my throat felt itchy! I thought: Oh Great. Now I get to take antibiotics. I hate taking antibiotics.

I started knitting a dress for Saskia. It's made of Simply Soft, by Caron. I normally don't use acrylics often but the simply soft really feels pretty good!
*Note for knitters wid kids:
Kids get stuff all over their clothing. Use superwash or acrylic. They dont mind the acrylic AND IT CAN BE WASHED!!

She chose a soft pink yarn and butter yellow yarn for her dress. On the first row, you knit them together and the optical mix is astounding. I will get photes up ASAP.

I also started "Cleaves" Which is on the knitty site. I love that pattern!
The Spring Knitty is really fabulous! I cant wait to make the monkey bag, and eveything else that just went up!

I also bought the book Loop-d-Loop by Teva Durham/ I was VERY impressed. I had read some reviews that said the book was so- so, but it is fantastic. I love every design in it, and her design sensibility is so similar to mine i gasped several times while looking through it. All I can say is WOW! No, the designs are not "mainstream" thank God, I can make a cardigan sans pattern - thanks. i'm not bragging, I'm just a very decent knitter. So all this is another reason i love the book. Her designs are very midieval and Rennaissance and that where my sensibilities lie. My first impulse was to run to show her my design sketches! Thanks Teva - I will be in touch with you through e-mail!

Now if anyone can remove that damned Hex!


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