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Monday, April 04, 2005

Second try

Okay, second try at this entry. Blogger seems to have zotzed the first try.

Hope you all like the pic of Saskia. She's the light of my life. She gets lots of knitted items. Love her, Love knitting. Good combo-no?

Now, I wonder why Berroco Thought it would be a good idea to make up the model who is wearing Destiny (the capelet shown below) to look like a heroin addict. I notice a lot of the models on runways look that way too. There is an easier way to acheive that look. What is it? No, not hours of makeup and terrible diets. It's . . . taking heroin every day! Oy! Well I have noticed that look comes and goes. i can only hope this time it goes quickly.

I HAD made fairly excellent progress on the tunic, but ripped it back because the planned fagotting was biasing way to much. Well, it's full and wont show too much anyhow. I do like the Zen yarn. I had a thing about it a few years back when the 1000000 ribbon yarns hit the market. I didn't even want to think about them then. I do love the colors in this one. A fabulous array of pinks! My daughter loves it so much she wants me to knit her a skirt in gold Zen, with "holes" (lace to you) in , no not pink but GOLD. Her new thing is gold. Thank goodness her skin tone is peachy and she looks well in it. Me - I look like death warmed over in gold.

Not as much progress on the destiny cape. I do love the yarn. It's Lullaby by Berroco, and it's a microfiber- soft, soft soft.

i'll publish that cape pattern this afternoon if I get over my migraine. Why do I get migraines with my ahem female things? URG>


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