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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Here I am to Save the Day!

Well, not really, it's just, well, I know I've been lax on my blogging and I'm here, and I want to make up for being Bad by not blogging and. . . see I'm a neurotic bundle.

I've been busy trying to decide which yarn to use on a design of mine. Now the design is a secret as it's going to knitty for fall, but really, it's supposed to be full and flowy (no-it's not a dress Mr. Smarty Pants) and soft. I considered CE Premiere, very soft, lightweight WONDERFUL yarn really and I think the gauge might be off putting for some since its 5.5 st to 1 inch and this item - as I said is meant to be full and flowy - with a bit of lace around and etc.

So I considered many different yarns including Berroco Lullaby, and CPY Party. Now all of these are definitely not off the list. I want this garment to be comfy (like PJ comfy) and wunnerful and dressy all at the same time.

I think I've finally settled on Rowans' Calmer - it's very soft and has some stretch. All this is what I'm looking for.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Ah Laddies

I know I know, laddies. I been slow on writing me blog but och, I am back. Me computer, instrument o the devil it is, been a firin on me. Breakin an losin all files, ah lords n laddies it been awful.

Ah the knittin, now dat been goin good. Started a quick n easy summer top in Moda dea Ticker tape. Nice stuff by the way.

More soon, mebbe this afternoon afteh tea . . .

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hum de Dum And a NEW KNIT TIP!!!

Okay guys and dolls, I feel yucko AGAIN! The good news is:
My computer works
I am making good progress on my sparkly lace bolero (my design - I am so chuffed)
I started the same in Kidsilk haze (in Heavenly - naturally) for my BF 's birthday.

And I have a KNIT TIP today. Listen carefully folks - this really is a good one!

Okay, you're knitting in the round, humming away peacefully on your project and what happens? You need to do a few rounds of garter st. or maybe just a row of purls.

I like knitting in the round. I like the knit stitch. It flows nicely. I don't hate purling, but I really
like the knit stitch. As I said, it flows so nicely, especially since I knit continental.

What you do is this, it's so simple really.

You knit to marker, just before your row of purls would start, slip marker and wrap and turn, exactly as if you were knitting a short row. Turn your work inside out, yes, you will be knitting on the WS, and knit your way round! Ta Da! On your next row pick up the wraps, again as if you were knitting a short row - and knit the wrap in.

This does not show, does not interrupt the flow of the wunnerful knit stitch and you get a row of purls - or continue wrapping and flipping your work - for X inches of garter.

Tee Hee!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

OH NO!!!!

My computer had to have it's HD replaced and I lost ALL MY FILES! Bookmarks, Jpg's, Knitting patterns, etc. How depressing.

OTOH I have designed a new bolero type jacket of Katia Gatsby a lovely, sparkly yarn. I am doing large lace panels and fluttery short sleeves. Oh and yes, it's pink! I cast on using karabella Roses - God $18.00 for a 57 yard ball of yarn! I will say it looks spectacular though - as is usual with Karabella.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


enter da knitty contest gonna enter da knitty contest gonna enter da knitty contest . . .

As previously stated

I went to ArtFibers, yummy yummy yummy and got enuff yarn for a lily skirt and a corset featured in last summers' knitty. I wore Cleaves Which unfortunately I made a size too big and it kept slipping down, so I'll have to make some mods to. I do adore the sweater though and at least six people commented/complimented it, and not just in the yarn store either.

Hubby and pal Dan were a bit surprised by me wearing half a sweater, but liked it anyway. Mine is made of CPY's Musique and the yarn is just gorgeous. the next one I'll make will be out of BS Lambspride Bulky, in a solid color. Maybe a deep wunnerful green blue or Jade green. Ah decisions decisions.

Then we went to Chinatown, which is a perfect visual feast of color and sparkles. I mean really, if I feel euphoric when I go there I just can imagine what the kiddos went thru. It must feel like an acid trip. I mean everything is really wonderful and food and colors and textures throw themselves at you and WOW!

We got amazing tschotchkes. Swarovski barrettes and hair lollies. A wunnerful cheesy swarovski dome ring for me index finger, a movable carp,-I'm sure youve seen them - cloisonne on brass, blue and white and bright brass, such an eatable combo. I got a fitted silk velvet jacket at a POSH store and hubby got a silk kimono. he's been looking for one - the kind that have little frog closures down the front- forever. He does look dashing in the thing if I do say so myself. I think we may have had a major spending binge but really, can you blame me? I haven't been to C-town for like at least ten years.

I also got a pair of sparkly purple , no lavender, pointy shoes and a pair of the typical Chinese MaryJane but these are embroidered. I can't resist anything with enbroidery. Really. I buy it at thrift stores even if said item is tiny tiny tiny and cut it off said thrifted garment and apply to garment B which fits me. Sorry if that was tough to follow - my brain is zooming faster than my fingers can possibly type - terrible typist you know.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Well, Here Iam . ..

No, Not Iams Pet food. I am in SF, and about to go to Artfibers where i will be in ToTAL yarn blissfulness - Ready once again to ROLL IN YARN. We've had fun, this is hubbys business trip, but me 'n mah sweetpea have been having a luxurious lazy blast. Going to the HOT TUB (only problem with a HOT TUB is that you cant knit in one) Watching endless mindless cartoons, I've been knitting during them, and going to the bookstore. We also went to a fabric store and bought loads of trims and tassels and fabrics. Major playtime. I found some Brit knitting mags. They're okay, I find American ones better - with the exception of Rowan - naturally.

I kinda wish we had decided to move here a few years ago - but hubby likes the HEAT of TX. I like the cool weather, and breezes.