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Saturday, May 07, 2005

As previously stated

I went to ArtFibers, yummy yummy yummy and got enuff yarn for a lily skirt and a corset featured in last summers' knitty. I wore Cleaves Which unfortunately I made a size too big and it kept slipping down, so I'll have to make some mods to. I do adore the sweater though and at least six people commented/complimented it, and not just in the yarn store either.

Hubby and pal Dan were a bit surprised by me wearing half a sweater, but liked it anyway. Mine is made of CPY's Musique and the yarn is just gorgeous. the next one I'll make will be out of BS Lambspride Bulky, in a solid color. Maybe a deep wunnerful green blue or Jade green. Ah decisions decisions.

Then we went to Chinatown, which is a perfect visual feast of color and sparkles. I mean really, if I feel euphoric when I go there I just can imagine what the kiddos went thru. It must feel like an acid trip. I mean everything is really wonderful and food and colors and textures throw themselves at you and WOW!

We got amazing tschotchkes. Swarovski barrettes and hair lollies. A wunnerful cheesy swarovski dome ring for me index finger, a movable carp,-I'm sure youve seen them - cloisonne on brass, blue and white and bright brass, such an eatable combo. I got a fitted silk velvet jacket at a POSH store and hubby got a silk kimono. he's been looking for one - the kind that have little frog closures down the front- forever. He does look dashing in the thing if I do say so myself. I think we may have had a major spending binge but really, can you blame me? I haven't been to C-town for like at least ten years.

I also got a pair of sparkly purple , no lavender, pointy shoes and a pair of the typical Chinese MaryJane but these are embroidered. I can't resist anything with enbroidery. Really. I buy it at thrift stores even if said item is tiny tiny tiny and cut it off said thrifted garment and apply to garment B which fits me. Sorry if that was tough to follow - my brain is zooming faster than my fingers can possibly type - terrible typist you know.


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