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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Here I am to Save the Day!

Well, not really, it's just, well, I know I've been lax on my blogging and I'm here, and I want to make up for being Bad by not blogging and. . . see I'm a neurotic bundle.

I've been busy trying to decide which yarn to use on a design of mine. Now the design is a secret as it's going to knitty for fall, but really, it's supposed to be full and flowy (no-it's not a dress Mr. Smarty Pants) and soft. I considered CE Premiere, very soft, lightweight WONDERFUL yarn really and I think the gauge might be off putting for some since its 5.5 st to 1 inch and this item - as I said is meant to be full and flowy - with a bit of lace around and etc.

So I considered many different yarns including Berroco Lullaby, and CPY Party. Now all of these are definitely not off the list. I want this garment to be comfy (like PJ comfy) and wunnerful and dressy all at the same time.

I think I've finally settled on Rowans' Calmer - it's very soft and has some stretch. All this is what I'm looking for.


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