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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hum de Dum And a NEW KNIT TIP!!!

Okay guys and dolls, I feel yucko AGAIN! The good news is:
My computer works
I am making good progress on my sparkly lace bolero (my design - I am so chuffed)
I started the same in Kidsilk haze (in Heavenly - naturally) for my BF 's birthday.

And I have a KNIT TIP today. Listen carefully folks - this really is a good one!

Okay, you're knitting in the round, humming away peacefully on your project and what happens? You need to do a few rounds of garter st. or maybe just a row of purls.

I like knitting in the round. I like the knit stitch. It flows nicely. I don't hate purling, but I really
like the knit stitch. As I said, it flows so nicely, especially since I knit continental.

What you do is this, it's so simple really.

You knit to marker, just before your row of purls would start, slip marker and wrap and turn, exactly as if you were knitting a short row. Turn your work inside out, yes, you will be knitting on the WS, and knit your way round! Ta Da! On your next row pick up the wraps, again as if you were knitting a short row - and knit the wrap in.

This does not show, does not interrupt the flow of the wunnerful knit stitch and you get a row of purls - or continue wrapping and flipping your work - for X inches of garter.

Tee Hee!


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