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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

OH NO!!!!

My computer had to have it's HD replaced and I lost ALL MY FILES! Bookmarks, Jpg's, Knitting patterns, etc. How depressing.

OTOH I have designed a new bolero type jacket of Katia Gatsby a lovely, sparkly yarn. I am doing large lace panels and fluttery short sleeves. Oh and yes, it's pink! I cast on using karabella Roses - God $18.00 for a 57 yard ball of yarn! I will say it looks spectacular though - as is usual with Karabella.


Blogger sauvageblue said...

I am sorry! Trust me I can relate to losing everything. I lost some of my favorite patterns too. This morning I went to burn a cd from my itune files and well I lost all my music, my audio books too. I had a few years worth ugh!

9:57 PM  
Blogger Suz Witthoft said...

I believe we rely on computers too much . . .

We give them everything, our pictures near and dear, our writings, our sweat off our very brow. Are they grateful? NO! They bust and put it all in the toilet! I'm beginning to understand how writers feel when they lose whole manuscripts . . .

8:04 AM  

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