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Friday, May 06, 2005

Well, Here Iam . ..

No, Not Iams Pet food. I am in SF, and about to go to Artfibers where i will be in ToTAL yarn blissfulness - Ready once again to ROLL IN YARN. We've had fun, this is hubbys business trip, but me 'n mah sweetpea have been having a luxurious lazy blast. Going to the HOT TUB (only problem with a HOT TUB is that you cant knit in one) Watching endless mindless cartoons, I've been knitting during them, and going to the bookstore. We also went to a fabric store and bought loads of trims and tassels and fabrics. Major playtime. I found some Brit knitting mags. They're okay, I find American ones better - with the exception of Rowan - naturally.

I kinda wish we had decided to move here a few years ago - but hubby likes the HEAT of TX. I like the cool weather, and breezes.


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