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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

well Now Look,

See, I went to my LYS and bought loads of Calmer in a nice violet color, (I dunno what Rowan calls it,) and a little bit o CPY Party. Then, last night, (while knitting in Calmer) I decided to do the flowy bits in Party, (nice fast knitting and ooh this stuff feels sensuous as anything) and knit the bodice in Hush. Well I suppose now I have a nice stash of Calmer . . . I Knit some up last night and it really is a terrific yarn. Well , it is a Rowan yarn after all, and Rowan yarns are great, with maybe the exception of Summer Tweed, but I know many people love the stuff and I myself confess to having a sizable amount in my personal stash.

Oh yeah, so back to this thought thread, I'm casting on with Party in celery and knitting the skirty bits in orchid smoke and the bodice in Lullaby girlie girl!

Geez. This better come out great!


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