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Friday, July 29, 2005


tO START Christmas Knitting . . .

Thursday, July 28, 2005

And this bag. . . . What can I say? I am not a huge fan of intarsia,but I tell you, this bag is a winner in many ways. I LOVE it! It's felted so any intarsia boo boos would be obscured.
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This absolutely must be knit too. I have a purple cashmere from hubby - a gift last Christmas -that would be absolutely perfect.
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This little capelet is a great one too. What a great issue!
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Love this shrug. Also in Interweave . . .
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The Chenille Cutaway Jacket. Thank you Teva for a terrific pattern.
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It's like this, see . . .

Summertime - and the livin' is easy . . .

AndI can't seem to get around to blogging. Well, as I said in my previous post - I've been knitting up a storm. I've almost finished -not including the part I need to rip out to make a bit fuller in the hip- A top in Lion Incredible which is a pretty nice yarn actually. I've made it in B+W for the cinematic effect. I do so love to be noir. I'm going to press the daylights out of it so that it drapes. (Maybe I won't rip it - just manipulte it gently with my pressing.) I've pressed this stuff before and it does fairly well. You can use a fairly hot iron too. I know there are those among you who squirm at the thought of pressing knitting, but Sally Melville does it in her Shape It scarf - so I guess it's good enough for me, too. The result is really amazing.

I know I know - I need to take pictures of all these projects. I know it's boring just to read about them. I have a short attention span too.

I have also started the Chenille Cutaway Jacket by Teva Durham in the new Interweave Knits. Gorgeous, it is.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I am Very Bad

I have not been blogging regularly. Instead I have been knitting. Yes, folks-knitting. Can you believe it?

Currently on needles:
One more ballet tee made of 2 strands Moda dea TuTu

A stretchy summer babydoll type top with an irregular hemline - my own design. In turquoise Patons Katrina and Caron Pizazz.

A ballet tee for my daughter in HL Yarn Bee brand Pitter Patter, so soft I bought some to make ME one

A cardigan made with CE provence (a long time favorite) and Tahki Poppy (In tahki's Summer book) Turquoise

Mariposa from knitty in lavender and black LB Microspun. Really a very nice yarn. I think I will make it a teensy bit longer.

A baby blanket for my sister Out of LB Velvetspun

Another babydoll-type top out of Berrocco hush and CPY party. My own design.

A gorgeous top (foget the name just now) in Berroco Zen

Well, maybe thats all. Well no it's not all because I have a million and one projects going at all times.

I guess I have an excuse for being busy?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The back of the sweater shown beow.
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I also have a thing for this. There is no pattern, the pic was taken from a store site. God, It's gorgeous. Well, one more pattern to draft . . .
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THIS is just an amazing poncho thing. It has to be crocheted, and it's just the thing for me to learn on.
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This is the ballet tee I was talking about . . .
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This one HAS to be Knit . . .
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This one is a winner too. It's not in Tevas book, but the pattern is great. It can aso be knitted with sleeves.
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This is the bobbe vest I am making out of pink GOA
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I also have to make this sweater. I just adore it . . .
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Oh Dear!

I noticed that I haven't posted in like, ages! I feel bad. I shall wear a hair shirt to remind myself to blog.

I have been working on knitting patterns for Knitty and MagKnits. One of them, made from Patons Katrina, is very stretchy and made from the top down, has such big, flowy sleeves, I think the sleeves would go all the way around me! (I have a 39" bust) Lots and lots of stitches on the needles until finally the armhole depth is right, and I get to put the sleeves on holders and work the body. Easy.

I love knitting from the top down and made Teva Durhams Ballet Tee which is the easiest tee ever and looks terrific. If you make this be forewarned, the sweater is really really stretchy. Shes not kidding about this. I made a size large and am going to make another in a wacky novelty yarn, BUT the next size down. Teva is a great designer, and here is a link to her page:


My daughter loved the sweater so much she has requested one. Luckily Tevas pattern instructions include the kids version.

I love all of Tevas stuff. I think I've mentioned before that she and I have very similar design tastes. I wish I wrote her book!

I trimmed the ballet tee with moda dea tutu and it really looks terrific. I am also making her bobble vest out of 2 strands of GGH/Muench goa (I love GOA) and am loving that too.

I've posted some yummy pics of these two sweaters and a few more that need to be made. Be forewarned this is covet and drool material.

NEXT I have to start my rennaissance vest/jacket, in lion brand suede this stuff is much more like velvet and less like suede. It has a rich velvety texture and knits at the nice gauge of 3 st to the inch. I recently perused LB's website and found they are coming out with prints. the prints are all quite yummy.

Lion Suede

AND, with all this stuff on the list I have at least 4 more summery top on the needles - no wonder I haven't been blogging . . . .