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Friday, August 19, 2005


It started innocently enough. I started a _______ for your birthday, lovely blue. Made the pattern up myself and took notes. (This to keep me from cursing when I get to the second sleeve.) I started on the plane going from TX to WS for M's biz trip, sometimes now, he drags us along. So I'm working away - all good - we get home, still knitting. I reach a critical point. NO PATTERN to be found anwhere. AND I search EVERYWHERE. All my lovely handwritten notes - where do I decrease and increase? Curses and tantrums. The neighbors must think M and I are having a rip - roaring argument.

Panicked - I beg $$ from Morgan (which is a major feat in itself, like pulling teeth from a cranky rhinoceros) because until I find that pattern I will not put my family through the curses, irritability and demon that I turn into when I have to count backwards. Get 3 more balls of yarn and some soft fuzzy stuff. Yay! They have a sale on this yarn! I will make Saskia a sweater, no dress, (a dress after all is a little more knitting on a sweater and for a kid that not so bad.) simple though so I finish . . . Get home, start a written pattern that is saved on the computer, and it's very simple, really. And it results in a lovely article of clothing, even though it's simple. It is Circularly knit stockinette, all knits all the way around. So what do I do? Well, I 'm bored. Lets add moss stitch here, that looks nice and is fun to knit. It has a great rhythym to it, oh and maybe I'll add cables here. That should do it. Just a little decoration, you know. So I'm 1/3 the way through and what do I do next? Gee this front is boring. I'll add a lace motif! Scour the pattern books and find a nice motif that fits within the stitches alloted. Oh and I'll add a pocket on the inside so she can stuff her kleenex in there.

What you are getting looks nothing like the pattern so kindly printed out by the yarn company.

I also start Sakias dress. It is not simple, white and pink. I have added beads and God only knows what else.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I am

Knitting the famous "simply marilyn "sweater from IK knits right now. I have now knit MORE than one item from cashmerino and I dare say - I love it. SSSHHHH I think it may be my favorite yarn right now.

I also like the feel of DB new yarn (well it debuted last year) the alpaca silk. I think I will make a super shaped raglan with a solid body and striped sleeves with it. It will be yummy. Probably better than my cashmere sweaters - no I did not knit them - I bought them. It is simply cheaper to buy the damned sweater off the rack than to buy the delicious cashmere to make the damned thing. Of course the knitted one would probably be much softer - given the quality of the yarn (much higher quality in knitting yarn than ready- to- wear.)

As I said though, I do have some cashmere lounging around my stash that DH bought me last Christmas. It was at SMILEYS!!!!!!! Still the stuff was not cheap.

Then again Knitpicks has an lovely array of affordable luxury. I particularly covet:
Suri Dream





I mean - how can one go wrong with those prices for luxury yarn? Now I need to find a way to get money to pay for a sizable stash of each in several colors!

Friday, August 12, 2005

And I don't think I can live without this beauty.
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Another Sweter from the magazine. Must Be Knit.
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Amazing Poncho Deal From Big it Up. Must Be Knit.
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has come out with it's new Fall line. Infidels. God, I wish I knit faster. Or I need to be a hindu goddess with eight arms. The only saving grace is that MOST of the designs that Must Be Knit are in Rowan Big Wool or it's new yarn Big Wool Fusion and are bulkies, therefore quickish (uh huh) . . .

What with my designs I'm trying to get ready and These Wonders from the Insidious Rowan people, and oh, yeah, Christ Mass, I will never sleep this autumn. So much for hibernation. . .

I think that only the Very Deserving will receive knitted gifts this year. (That is those friend/family members I have actually talked to more than once this year, and/or wrote a thank - you )(or for that matter even spoke a thank-you) for last years' knitted gifts.I knit for over a month straight - right up to 11:00PM on Christ mass eve last year) I think I will take a page from Stephanie Pearl McPhees' Book this year and send gifts with the note "lovingly knitted with only 30,000 stitches" attached. I swear my family is comprised mainly of borish louts.

Oh and whats up with Jaeger discontinuing Cashair and Chamonix. Are they insane? Geez just when I thought I might be able to afford some.


A gorgeous creation from the Get Big book. Must be Knit.
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Very cute Sweater from the new Rowan Magazine. Must Be Knit.
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GORGEOUS Rowan Sweater from the new magazine. Love it. Knit in kidsilk Haze. Goes with out saying. This Must Be Knit.
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Another Wonderful Rowan Sweater. Must be Knit.
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A gorgeous cape in the Book Get Bigger,or some such. Adore it. Warning: Do not knit in Navy or risk looking like a WWI nurse. Must be knit.
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Oh God

I have been so sick. I caught an intestinal thing and it was foul. I am still very weak today. I knew I was making progress on the health front yesterday when I picked up my knitting for about 15 minutes.

I was going through some old documents and photos of mine this morning. I was looking for a letter of recommendation that an art teacher had written for me for entrance to art school. It usually makes me feel better when I read it because she has such strong praise for my abilities, but today I just sort of felt sad and wistful. I also ran across a postcard for the Velvet Underground Venus in Furs concert. It had a photo of them on it and I thought - Babies! They are so young! How did they acheive the intensity of that music at that age? They haven't even lived much!

So how is it that the young create such great things? I think it is because they are full - still - of life. They are arrogant and strong, they believe that they can move the world. I suppose as you age you realize that you cant do those things, you can make a difference, but the planets won't change their course for you. I found pictures of myself when I was young also. So beautiful, so thin. So unravaged by life and fibromyalgia and depression.

Many artists at my age (44 for you nosy parkers - is this a reference to Dorothy Parker? I wonder. Can one find the etymology of everyday sayings on the net? ) Give up, or change direction completely. I knit and design knitwear. I do want to paint, but I find that cannot be done in a cultural vacuum. Austin may be wonderful for music and my husband but sometimes for me - I think it's killing me.

I know this missive sounds so very depressive but I'm not really depressed. I think that when you get sick since you can't do anything else - one generally ruminates on life in general. I look back on my life thus far and see all those ridges and bumps hopes and dreams like litter on the roadside - all leading up to where I am now. Where I am now is not such a bad place - just very different than what I thought. I have many blessings to replace those dead dreams and new ones to help them on their way.