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Friday, August 19, 2005


It started innocently enough. I started a _______ for your birthday, lovely blue. Made the pattern up myself and took notes. (This to keep me from cursing when I get to the second sleeve.) I started on the plane going from TX to WS for M's biz trip, sometimes now, he drags us along. So I'm working away - all good - we get home, still knitting. I reach a critical point. NO PATTERN to be found anwhere. AND I search EVERYWHERE. All my lovely handwritten notes - where do I decrease and increase? Curses and tantrums. The neighbors must think M and I are having a rip - roaring argument.

Panicked - I beg $$ from Morgan (which is a major feat in itself, like pulling teeth from a cranky rhinoceros) because until I find that pattern I will not put my family through the curses, irritability and demon that I turn into when I have to count backwards. Get 3 more balls of yarn and some soft fuzzy stuff. Yay! They have a sale on this yarn! I will make Saskia a sweater, no dress, (a dress after all is a little more knitting on a sweater and for a kid that not so bad.) simple though so I finish . . . Get home, start a written pattern that is saved on the computer, and it's very simple, really. And it results in a lovely article of clothing, even though it's simple. It is Circularly knit stockinette, all knits all the way around. So what do I do? Well, I 'm bored. Lets add moss stitch here, that looks nice and is fun to knit. It has a great rhythym to it, oh and maybe I'll add cables here. That should do it. Just a little decoration, you know. So I'm 1/3 the way through and what do I do next? Gee this front is boring. I'll add a lace motif! Scour the pattern books and find a nice motif that fits within the stitches alloted. Oh and I'll add a pocket on the inside so she can stuff her kleenex in there.

What you are getting looks nothing like the pattern so kindly printed out by the yarn company.

I also start Sakias dress. It is not simple, white and pink. I have added beads and God only knows what else.


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