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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I am

Knitting the famous "simply marilyn "sweater from IK knits right now. I have now knit MORE than one item from cashmerino and I dare say - I love it. SSSHHHH I think it may be my favorite yarn right now.

I also like the feel of DB new yarn (well it debuted last year) the alpaca silk. I think I will make a super shaped raglan with a solid body and striped sleeves with it. It will be yummy. Probably better than my cashmere sweaters - no I did not knit them - I bought them. It is simply cheaper to buy the damned sweater off the rack than to buy the delicious cashmere to make the damned thing. Of course the knitted one would probably be much softer - given the quality of the yarn (much higher quality in knitting yarn than ready- to- wear.)

As I said though, I do have some cashmere lounging around my stash that DH bought me last Christmas. It was at SMILEYS!!!!!!! Still the stuff was not cheap.

Then again Knitpicks has an lovely array of affordable luxury. I particularly covet:
Suri Dream





I mean - how can one go wrong with those prices for luxury yarn? Now I need to find a way to get money to pay for a sizable stash of each in several colors!


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