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Monday, September 19, 2005


I am a heretic, I know it.

When I unravel a sweater to reuse the yarn (I've lost 90 lbs [bad meds] and most of the projects I have languishing from last winter are enormous), do I wash the yarn to remove all the crinkles? No, I don't. I just re-knit that yarn crinkles and all.

It doesn't hurt it and after wet blocking any crinkles that would show disappear. HAH!

I am currently puzzling out the PERFECT design for a knitted, felted handbag. I have Noro Kureyaon in color 95 and want the perfect bag, with a zipper and structure, you know, so its REALLY chic and safe and usable.

Usually I design by the seat of my pants - so to speak, (as my behind can't knit) by adding and subtracting ideas as I knit the garment (lots of crinkly yarn sometimes) and making copious notes as I go along. But for this bag I really need a plan. I'm going to peruse Ghees the handbag maven, for ideas.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Oh Yeah

I am going to start a knit pattern for sale business featuring my designs, and designs by other hip and not so hip knitters. I want a lot of variety and creativity. The patterns will be sold online for between 5 - 10.00 depending on complexity. Please - if you are a designer and you are interested, leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

I can even photog your garments for you if you haven't got the shutter bug or a suitable model.

Patterns should be original blah blah blah, and interesting with a variety of techniques, lace, fair isle, intarsia, cabling and etc. I love very simple patterns that give lovely results!

SO leave a comment and I'll get back to you!

So . . .

My psych asks me how many hours per day I spend knitting. I think awhile and reply "Oh, about 6" (Now for those of you out ther who are writhing in envy, let me remind you that this great and wonderful amount of time that I have has a thorn, a very big one, more like a telephone pole sharpened on one end - pointing into my side. I have fibromyalgia, (constant aches and pain all over my body - like the worst flu you have ever had - and nothing but strong , major meds will make it stop,lortab for you nosy parkers out there) possible bursitis in my hip joints, I need x rays on my back because I have facitis and a broken coccyx and no I am not 90 - I AM ONLY 44!!!!)

Back to the 6 hours of knitting. Even with that much time I hate driving to his office because it cuts into my knitting time. I hate going to the doctors for whatever reason ( I have a place on my toe that has hurt for 6 months now) and will I go? No, because it cuts into my knitting time. I don't really like to go shopping because it cuts into my knitting time. I only use my computer for about 20 minutes at a time because it cuts into my knitting time. In short it feels like everything cuts into my knitting time. I don't think this can be cured. I don't want it cured.

I remember at art school one of the professors said to us (when we were on a field trip to DC and in the National Gallery at the time) that he really was having a nice time, but all this was cutting into his painting time. From this I can gather that when someone has a craft they love they don't want to be bothered by anything else.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Oh yeah

I forgot to mention the part where he just cannot understand, when I have a closetfull, and now a living room full of yarn and 4936 projects (all in various states of "doneness") started - why in the world would I need to buy more yarn? For another project?????? His mind reels because he - mr. smartypants himself - yes - he who has a disgustingly huge IQ, graduated magna cum laude in biochemistry from Yale, and got perfect scores on all his SAT's - and his GSAT's (for graduate school - sorry I cannot remember the correct acronym for this) just CANNOT GET HIS MIND AROUND THIS!!!

Funny isn't it? I mean not that I'm stupid, my IQ is quite nicely above average (132 boast boast) and I graduated from one of the top art schools in the country with a 98.6 GPA (more boastful chest swelling) but interesting how this guy picked himself out a wife who had qualities (spirituality, dreaminess, artsy fartsy and KNITTING) that he just will never really be able to WRAP HIS MIND around~~~~

OH sure he gets the art thing, and really gets it. His mom was a phd in art history (gasp - from HARVARD) and he's a musician. But this knitting thing really has him whirling.

Maybe I should mention those 366 saxophones, or his quest
(with endless discussion) [imagine for a moment - if you will, the glassy eyed stare if I had an hour and a half discussion with him on the qualities and beauty of the moss stitch] for the perfect mouthpiece. Nah, I know it wouldn't work.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

My Husband

Doesn't understand this knitting thing at all. He wonders why I need 579 started projects and then finish one per month or so. He gets rather cranky about this.

The other night he came into the living room with that look - the look that says "I am in a cranky mood, I think it would be nice to have a fight now - and said glumly "you're casting on" .

"You have your 579 other projects why don't you finish those?" Now for me these are fightin' words. I tried to explain to him that finishing a sweater takes a long time, and I liked to switch projects. I like the different textures, the different stitches, the feeling of the yarn. The endless making of loops. (I suppose I am a process knitter) He says "So you just like making loops?" In an incredulous way.

How does one explain this?

Then he starts in about the endless balls of yarn at my feet. "They make a mess in this living room!" How do I tell him that each and every ball at my feet is a dream, a brilliant idea, a comfort, an inspiration? They all look so yummy there. I must admit he put together shelves for me in the living room to put these balls on. These shelves are groupings of wire cubbies that will hold a project, quite nice actually. He's nice too, but he doesn't get the knitting thing. He doesn't get how making loops can keep me happy or satisfied. He wants results!


I love hin tremendously but I think hes going to have to put up with balls of yarn in the living room, cuddled at my feet like a faithful dog.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I dunno how many of you out there are sick of hearing about Katrina, I'm sure many of you have. But for me, living here in Austin TX it is a daily event.

My God one of the most unusual and interesting cities in the world has been wiped out. I cry when I see the people - the real people - that are going through this horror.

I love people. You know, it's the private citizens of this country that are truly making a difference. GW Bush should be ashamed. All these private citizens pulling together and doing great things. I want to thank all those heroes out there. The heroes that are doing the work, and the heroes that lived through this incomprehensible disaster - that could have been prevented in it's severity.

Much of my knitting lately has had good thought of all the people involved. All little prayers for all of them. How special it will be when the person who receives said knitted items, me, my daughter, a friend, someone I dont know ( I hope to donate some baby blankets) to wear all those prayers for a better world.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I guess

With Knitting It is exceptionally hard to set priorities because I want to knit it all NOW and Have ALL the yarn.


Once again I haven't blogged in a while. Maybe it's because I go to talk therapy?

This Katrina thing really has me down. We are thinking of letting a small family or a woman with a babe stay here. It seems more personal than donating money. What a mess. Everybody is doing all they can here in TX and GWB show up in N-O for a photo - op. I hope it didn't stress him too much. What an a**hole. All of us here in TX are working hard to help these people. People all over the US. But does it have anything to do with the govt.? No. I'm mad about this.

Meanwhile I have 4,987 projects on the needles and the new Knitty just came out. (Good Issue BTW) What with trying to develop my own designs and new Knitty and Rowan and Interweave and Berrocco - I guess I need to set some priorities.