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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I dunno how many of you out there are sick of hearing about Katrina, I'm sure many of you have. But for me, living here in Austin TX it is a daily event.

My God one of the most unusual and interesting cities in the world has been wiped out. I cry when I see the people - the real people - that are going through this horror.

I love people. You know, it's the private citizens of this country that are truly making a difference. GW Bush should be ashamed. All these private citizens pulling together and doing great things. I want to thank all those heroes out there. The heroes that are doing the work, and the heroes that lived through this incomprehensible disaster - that could have been prevented in it's severity.

Much of my knitting lately has had good thought of all the people involved. All little prayers for all of them. How special it will be when the person who receives said knitted items, me, my daughter, a friend, someone I dont know ( I hope to donate some baby blankets) to wear all those prayers for a better world.


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