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Thursday, September 15, 2005

My Husband

Doesn't understand this knitting thing at all. He wonders why I need 579 started projects and then finish one per month or so. He gets rather cranky about this.

The other night he came into the living room with that look - the look that says "I am in a cranky mood, I think it would be nice to have a fight now - and said glumly "you're casting on" .

"You have your 579 other projects why don't you finish those?" Now for me these are fightin' words. I tried to explain to him that finishing a sweater takes a long time, and I liked to switch projects. I like the different textures, the different stitches, the feeling of the yarn. The endless making of loops. (I suppose I am a process knitter) He says "So you just like making loops?" In an incredulous way.

How does one explain this?

Then he starts in about the endless balls of yarn at my feet. "They make a mess in this living room!" How do I tell him that each and every ball at my feet is a dream, a brilliant idea, a comfort, an inspiration? They all look so yummy there. I must admit he put together shelves for me in the living room to put these balls on. These shelves are groupings of wire cubbies that will hold a project, quite nice actually. He's nice too, but he doesn't get the knitting thing. He doesn't get how making loops can keep me happy or satisfied. He wants results!


I love hin tremendously but I think hes going to have to put up with balls of yarn in the living room, cuddled at my feet like a faithful dog.


Blogger Sedie said...

I too get the look and the non-comprehension. . . but he'll have to live with it.

10:19 AM  

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