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Friday, September 16, 2005

Oh yeah

I forgot to mention the part where he just cannot understand, when I have a closetfull, and now a living room full of yarn and 4936 projects (all in various states of "doneness") started - why in the world would I need to buy more yarn? For another project?????? His mind reels because he - mr. smartypants himself - yes - he who has a disgustingly huge IQ, graduated magna cum laude in biochemistry from Yale, and got perfect scores on all his SAT's - and his GSAT's (for graduate school - sorry I cannot remember the correct acronym for this) just CANNOT GET HIS MIND AROUND THIS!!!

Funny isn't it? I mean not that I'm stupid, my IQ is quite nicely above average (132 boast boast) and I graduated from one of the top art schools in the country with a 98.6 GPA (more boastful chest swelling) but interesting how this guy picked himself out a wife who had qualities (spirituality, dreaminess, artsy fartsy and KNITTING) that he just will never really be able to WRAP HIS MIND around~~~~

OH sure he gets the art thing, and really gets it. His mom was a phd in art history (gasp - from HARVARD) and he's a musician. But this knitting thing really has him whirling.

Maybe I should mention those 366 saxophones, or his quest
(with endless discussion) [imagine for a moment - if you will, the glassy eyed stare if I had an hour and a half discussion with him on the qualities and beauty of the moss stitch] for the perfect mouthpiece. Nah, I know it wouldn't work.


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