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Monday, September 19, 2005


I am a heretic, I know it.

When I unravel a sweater to reuse the yarn (I've lost 90 lbs [bad meds] and most of the projects I have languishing from last winter are enormous), do I wash the yarn to remove all the crinkles? No, I don't. I just re-knit that yarn crinkles and all.

It doesn't hurt it and after wet blocking any crinkles that would show disappear. HAH!

I am currently puzzling out the PERFECT design for a knitted, felted handbag. I have Noro Kureyaon in color 95 and want the perfect bag, with a zipper and structure, you know, so its REALLY chic and safe and usable.

Usually I design by the seat of my pants - so to speak, (as my behind can't knit) by adding and subtracting ideas as I knit the garment (lots of crinkly yarn sometimes) and making copious notes as I go along. But for this bag I really need a plan. I'm going to peruse Ghees the handbag maven, for ideas.


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