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Saturday, September 17, 2005

So . . .

My psych asks me how many hours per day I spend knitting. I think awhile and reply "Oh, about 6" (Now for those of you out ther who are writhing in envy, let me remind you that this great and wonderful amount of time that I have has a thorn, a very big one, more like a telephone pole sharpened on one end - pointing into my side. I have fibromyalgia, (constant aches and pain all over my body - like the worst flu you have ever had - and nothing but strong , major meds will make it stop,lortab for you nosy parkers out there) possible bursitis in my hip joints, I need x rays on my back because I have facitis and a broken coccyx and no I am not 90 - I AM ONLY 44!!!!)

Back to the 6 hours of knitting. Even with that much time I hate driving to his office because it cuts into my knitting time. I hate going to the doctors for whatever reason ( I have a place on my toe that has hurt for 6 months now) and will I go? No, because it cuts into my knitting time. I don't really like to go shopping because it cuts into my knitting time. I only use my computer for about 20 minutes at a time because it cuts into my knitting time. In short it feels like everything cuts into my knitting time. I don't think this can be cured. I don't want it cured.

I remember at art school one of the professors said to us (when we were on a field trip to DC and in the National Gallery at the time) that he really was having a nice time, but all this was cutting into his painting time. From this I can gather that when someone has a craft they love they don't want to be bothered by anything else.


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