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Thursday, October 27, 2005


I've hired someone to help organize my yarn stash. She's not a knitter and is amazed at ALL THE YARN. I told her many knitters have larger stashes than my own and she almost fell over!

In any case we're about 3/4 the way done. Yahoooooo! All the balls of the same yarns are together! Happy Dance! This means I can actually find the yarn for a project and know how much of it I have. What a relief! I'll know if I need to get more or of thats not possible - design a striped sweater instead. What a great feeling.

I have a large walk in closet. If we lived in NY I could probably rent it for about 1000 dollars a month as a kitchenless apartment. Now I have my clothes sorted in there and my yarn!

Lets not talk about the yarn in the living room please. You'll crush my mood.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Okay! Designers/yarn dyers/ Spinners!!!!!!!

As stated earlier I am opening a business - Don't panic, it's in the baby stages. It will debut next year. Think about it. Do you design knitwear and haven't hooked up with a company that will sell your designs? Do you have a couple of really great designs you made up on your shelf? Do you want to make some extra cold hard cash doing something you adore and probably do anyway? This is not a magazine. It is a for profit store.


Write me at if you want an info package. Please wait up to 2 weeks for delivery!

This is an exciting opportunity. I am looking for designs from hip to haute couture.
Babies, kids, guys, ladies, toys, pillows, purses, slippers and shoes. YES! Shoes!!!!! Amples and petites I want your stuff too!

Design whatever you like!

Jewelry people! Brooches, shawl pins, knitting needles!

Dyers! YARN!!!!

Spinners! YARN!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I am starting a

wonderful sweater from the 2nd tricoter book, Handknit Style .The sweater is The Short Story, Pullover Shrug. It's knit in kidsilk haze, and I love this yarn. Soo soft and frothy.

I am also starting my hubbys Christmas sweater, knit in Decadence in Chocolate and Panache in cinnamon. I am calling it the chocolate sweater. It looks like dark chocolate with a sprinkling of milk chocolate. yummy. These Knitpicks yarns are really very good quality. I am happy that I don't have to search the web for sales as much to knit a sweater with great, soft yarns for under 100 dollars.

It will be a zippy cardi - ribbed. All the dark chocolate color with stripes of the cinnamon. His chest is 38 inches, lucky me- but his shoulders are very wide. He wears a 44 jacket.

I've really got to get out my camera and take pix of these projects for y'all. I know you like pix.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Well this weekend we are going to do some yarn dyeing. I bought 10 skeins of "Dye your Own" from Knitpicks. I think it costs 3.00 per skein for 200 + yards. Hubby bought me galleoons of Kool Aide from the local supermarket and I think we will have a ball. Hee Hee - pun intended. The only glitch will come if Mr. Postman doesn't see fit to deliver the package. He's kinda cranky that way. In any case I have some green yarn (Christmas green) Colinette "Skye" and I think I'll add some Blues and yellows to that so that it doesn't look like a wall of lawn when knit up. Instead it will have some chartreuse and Blue green in it as well. I do love green yarn.

I have a super jacket design (mine) that I'll make a prototype for. The main jacket will be knit from Muench "Touch Me" and Rowan "Kidsilk Haze" in silver and that stuff is so expensive that I believe a prototype is called for. For the kid mohair I will use CPY "Kid Merino"

That "Kid Merino" is great stuff. SOOOOO soft and MUCH less costly than "kidsilk haze" or "Douceur et Soie"

Making a protype is also good for pattern checking. (No wonky patterns here).

Now I have an observation/gripe. Often people slam "craft store" yarns because in the past the quality was not up to snuff. I have noticed that the not only has the quality of these yarns increased, but they seem to be runs from the same mills that sell to more costly yarn companies like say - Gedifra or Classic Elite. (Yeah a lot of these yarns seem to be from European runs. Patons "pooch" for example, is nearly identical fiber content etc. except for the dyework to some superbly expensive European yarns) These high end yarns also have more acrylic content in them than they used to, and something like Lion Brand "wool ease" sells for 2.99 a ball and has 25% wool content. A similar yarn by an "repectable" company with the same wool content and feel will sell for twice that! And it gets more respect from yarn snobs as well! (Being a former yarn snob myself I feel I can make that point without slamming anyone.) I guess as a recovering yarn snob, i feel a need to point out that taking a look and buying a "craft store" yarn is not in any way shameful! Make that sweater out of "Wool Ease" and love it to death! Hey - Barneys of New York uses Lion brand as one of their mills and they are not exactly, umm, bargain basement.

Don't forget to look at Jo Ann fabric Stores and Hobby Lobby as well. They have their own home yarn lines and they are pretty good too. They also appear to be from Good mills too.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

In Love with Lace

Yes, I admit, I love lace. It is fascinating. It is WAY better than endless miles of stockinette, Cables are so easy, I usually make them up as I go. But now Lace! it is an endless surprise as you knit it. I also find that it too is easy in most cases.