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Monday, November 28, 2005

Time for Knitting Hell!

I still think about my kitty and I'm still so sad. I keep expecting to see him lying on the sofa here and blinking his eyes at me. (We used to do that to each other, squeeze our eyes shut at each other. It means "Mmmmmmmmmm! I love you" Or something like that in CAT. Try it. Your cat might squeeze his eyes back at you, Probably while thinking in the back of his/her mind . . .Why did it take so long for the large one to finally understand the eye squeeze? Geesh these humans are slow sometimes . . .)

And now hell knitting. - Means Start Knitting All Those Christmas Presents Now (the ones you SWORE up and down you'd start in Sept.) Until Your Fingers Fall Off.

Luckily for me - I have an extra month. I will be away from Dec.9 to Dec.26. I am going to Morroco with my Morrocan friend, Nezha, (The best friend ever) and her hubby over the holidays. We are holding our belated Christmas celebration (hey - I've got a five year old. Try telling your five year old "we are having no Christmas this year because we will be far away. Goes over like a lead ballooon. If you haven't got a little kiddo to try this one on, borrow someone elses. I dare you. The response will be . . . not exactly thrilling but loud, in any case. Sorta like a bad action film)

SO On Jan. 28. Yeah we'll have turkey and candied sweet potatoes and PIE and all that stuff, Saskias (my daughter) best friend and her Mum and Dad are coming too. Also The infamous Nezha and her hubby. I think the theme will be PJ day! Everybody come in PJ's. We will listen to music, lounge around, watch silly videos, lounge around, open presents, lounge around, eat, and lounge around, in short - all the wonderful things about a party without having to stand around looking swank, or even sittting down, looking swank, PJ MEANS NOT HAVING TO DRESS UP! No poring over the closet "Oh what shall I wear? . . . Will I look chic enough?" I'll just throw a bunch of cushy pillows everywhere for more luxurious lounging. ( I will of course knit. If I do not knit I do not relax.) Hey if it's PJ Day you don't even have to brush your hair! (Tooth brushings please) HAH PJ christmas it is!


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