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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Double stranded

No, I am not ready to write about Morocco yet. I am still kinda whacked out from travel and simply do not want to discuss it.

I am knitting Ubernatural by Stephanie Japel. Actually I am knitting two. I am modifying the sleeves because my arms get cold. So they will be longer. Maybe have a frill on the cuff. I can NEVER follow a pattern - ever. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not.

One of them is knitted of Peruvian Collection cuzco in red and the other is a double strand of Noro Silk Garden in the disc. Chartreuse, browns, pinks colorway. This was a very popular colorway evidently, (because once a colorway get too popular Noro seems to discontinue it, a good but frustrating policy) and I bought a ton of it to make the Not So Warm version of the Einstein coat, but it didn't happen. So I had all this silk garden in my stash. Lots and lots of it.

In any case its making a nice sweater. I like it better (the silk garden) double stranded. A word to the wise however, Matching the colors to make a double strand of a Noro yarn will make you a tad crazy. See you almost have to completely unwind a ball to find the right color match and then the repeats are soo long and gradual it's a major pain to get them to line up properly. Then the topper is this: When you have to join a new ball the end is always one of 6 different shades of mud. I am not knocking the mud shades. They are gorgeous. They are one of the points that make this particular colorway so lovely. But as I said, there are at least 6 of them.
I guess the way to double strand without losing your mind completely (a totally likely proposition, for me, anyway)is to strand it ball by ball as you go OR to match them all together before starting said project. If you do this you WILL have a giant ball of yarn in your knitting. space. But that's ok. It makes for interesting conversation - especially with non knitters.


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