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Friday, January 20, 2006

Knitting Olympics

Well, I added my name to the knitting olympics crowd. And WHAT a crowd! I almost felt guilty for submitting my name because Stephanie is working feverishly to get everybody's name up there on her blog with so many entries! Who Knew?

I'm going to knit a self-designed, neck down, raglan sweater in Baby Alpaca Grande (the orchid color) with red roses around the neckline, a fitted waist and a peplum. The Alpaca knits at 3 st. to the inch so I THINK I'll be able to finish the damned thing. I never seem to finish those knitting projects for myself so yes, it will be a challenge, although the actual sweater itself is simple. The roses 'round the neckline really ought to make the whole thing transform from mundane to wonderful. Maybe I'll add a puffed sleeve to the elbow, and rib to the wrist with a slight puff cuff as well. In any case I will post the pattern free when the thing is completed.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Okay -so once again I haven't blogged for a while. Why? you ask? Oh Why THIS TIME? yeah, yeah, . . . Suzanne has a history of not blogging regularly . . . WHAT is her excuse this time?

Sick. That's what. Major nausea. Once again I didn't even feel like knitting, much less typing. I had a fever, extreme sleepiness, NAUSEA, more nausea, major aches nd pains. My frigging SKIN hurt. I didn't even want to be touched! OUCH! Even my wonderful painkillers for fibromyalgia didn't kill the pain or ease the fever. I ate acid reducers just so I could bear the nausea. I didn't eat for 6 days, and I'm still eating blandness. I look at real food, (NOT ANOTHER SALTINE - THANKS!) and drool, then think, well, my tummy just WON'T handle that well.

My advice - don't get this flu. Just sit down and have a long conversation with your body about it. Tell your body that it won't enjoy it at all. It's the most hellish - one of the worst flus I've had all season. It's bad - real bad. You wouldn't even like to flirt with it.

I had it for a week and a half and I still feel rather yukky.