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Sunday, January 15, 2006


Okay -so once again I haven't blogged for a while. Why? you ask? Oh Why THIS TIME? yeah, yeah, . . . Suzanne has a history of not blogging regularly . . . WHAT is her excuse this time?

Sick. That's what. Major nausea. Once again I didn't even feel like knitting, much less typing. I had a fever, extreme sleepiness, NAUSEA, more nausea, major aches nd pains. My frigging SKIN hurt. I didn't even want to be touched! OUCH! Even my wonderful painkillers for fibromyalgia didn't kill the pain or ease the fever. I ate acid reducers just so I could bear the nausea. I didn't eat for 6 days, and I'm still eating blandness. I look at real food, (NOT ANOTHER SALTINE - THANKS!) and drool, then think, well, my tummy just WON'T handle that well.

My advice - don't get this flu. Just sit down and have a long conversation with your body about it. Tell your body that it won't enjoy it at all. It's the most hellish - one of the worst flus I've had all season. It's bad - real bad. You wouldn't even like to flirt with it.

I had it for a week and a half and I still feel rather yukky.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus loved Saltines!

8:52 AM  

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