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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More KO or Going crazy the quick way . . .

Okay, Okay, on the main, my sweater is coming along well. The main problem is that (well, there are more than one) I design by the seat of my pants, so to speak, as my bum can't knit. This particular way of designing has benefits, but also serious drawbacks. Namely, ripping. Frogging. Or as I see it, total annihilation of 6 hours. On the good side, I am at the waist, on the bad side, I have been at the waist 3 times now. AAARGH! I still have the bottom and sleeves and any knitted flowers left to knit.

Another big problem is that other projects are calling to me. Damned sirens is what they are. (look at me, I am so beautiful, so deserving. What could be the harm in just casting me on? Oh how about another row? Hey look at that beautiful shrug in deco ribbon - that couldn't take too long, you started it before the olympics. How about just a few rows? Or what about that cropped cardi you are designing? Thats so soft . . . Knit in Moda Dea Dream thats just so fun. It's white and you know, white goes with everything. . . And you just bought that deco ribbon for the deco stardust tunic. You chose such cool colors. Deco Stardust ribbon in lapis blue for the top, and deco ribbon in scuba Dive for the bottom part. How useful will that be? I mean, it's almost spring here in TX. and you are knitting an alpaca sweater!!!

How about that wonderful sweater you were designing during the olympic opening ceremonies (before you figured out about the 7 hour time lapse between here and Torino) the one in Knitpicks Merino Style in color Tide Pool, such a cool turquoise and the fun of finding out that the merino style knits so great doubled and your idea of designing a sweater even fun fur haters can't hate (fun fur in citrus that goes just so charmingly, so tropicali, so springtime . . . or why aren't you finishing the Christmas (yes read that again, Christmas) presents.

Well, you gorgeous projects you SHUT UP! You just have to WAIT. It's only (gasp) 4 more days. Calm it - Will ya PLEASE!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

KO How it Goes

The KO is going well! There is a bit of a saga, as I DID have the sweater finished to under bust and then ripped the entire thing out because I hadn't had the most consistent gauge ( the baby alpaca needs a very consitent gauge or it looks, well, crooked.) The DH nearly had a cow.

I've got it done again to underarm. Yahoo... The only thing I am personally worried about is getting the knitted flowers done.

Another bonus is I've learned heaps about shaping, bust darts, etc. That the sweaters' BUST measurement doesn't have to be your bust measurement, but your rib cage measurement, that you can add fullness where fullness is needed - say tits - if you catch my drift. I wouldn't use this for anything but a dressy sweater but it certainly helps to know for designing.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

KO Day One

Well I stayed up last night to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and the lighting of the flame. It was spectacular. Some of the dresses the women wore were a bit over the top, but all in all, pretty cool to watch.

I didn't cast on then because I was too tired. So I started casting on this morning. Then since I am designing my own, I changed my mind, and then changed my mind again. I have cast on this thing 5 times now. AAAAAAARGH!

I guess I am nervous. I am never nervous about knitting. Geez. I gotta get a grip.

Monday, February 06, 2006

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I am so excited about the Knitting olympics I am finding it hard to concentrate on other projects right now.

I DID finish knitting the sweater on the cover of the new Vogue Knitting. (Shown Below) I knit it in Berroco Hip Hop, Blue and purple, and the stitch gauge is a bit bigger so if you use the Hip Hop, knit it down a size, or two. I do have to block the sleeves because (even though the instructions say not to) The lace pattern in the sleeves has no corresponding SSK to counteract the k2tog - so it biases. A lot. I am hoping Blocking will ease this bias. If I had been intelligent I would have noticed that this would bias and modified the lace.

I do Say there is a fair amount of good in this issue.