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Saturday, February 18, 2006

KO How it Goes

The KO is going well! There is a bit of a saga, as I DID have the sweater finished to under bust and then ripped the entire thing out because I hadn't had the most consistent gauge ( the baby alpaca needs a very consitent gauge or it looks, well, crooked.) The DH nearly had a cow.

I've got it done again to underarm. Yahoo... The only thing I am personally worried about is getting the knitted flowers done.

Another bonus is I've learned heaps about shaping, bust darts, etc. That the sweaters' BUST measurement doesn't have to be your bust measurement, but your rib cage measurement, that you can add fullness where fullness is needed - say tits - if you catch my drift. I wouldn't use this for anything but a dressy sweater but it certainly helps to know for designing.


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